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decentralization and marketing has not been easy so far. this problem is solved now with the iNTROstellar project. order accordingly our uniquely service and support a future-oriented and self-sustaining ecosystem.

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creating high-quality digital content requires a lot of time and patience and also a very large knowledge. that's why we take over all the necessary work for you and tailor everything to your brand and your product.


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there are many ways and opportunities to woo your product. we are unique in this regard, because behind our work is a big and real company. daily new opportunities to offer our customers only the best. made by love like it´s our own product.


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the iNTRO COiN & the NTRO Token will serve as a kind of return from all the hard work behind the project, thanks to the multifaceted and very comprehensive technology of the ethereum classic and the ethereum blockchain.

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in order to use our service you need the iNTRO COiN or the NTRO Token, which you can obtain without any lengthy registration processes and without difficulties on the only true decentralized exchange Saturn.Network. NO KYC - nobody needs your documents. you just need enough ethereum (eth) or ethereum classic (etc) in your wallet. to install the SaturnWallet please follow the instructions of the exchange.


how it works

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token metrics

iNTRO COiN is a token on the ethereum blockchain - NTRO TOKEN is a token on the ethereum classic blockchain

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hyped stars

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